"Hell is empty and all the devils are here."

Find the evil in the world and carve it out with a knife. Then fill the void with all of the compassion and caring you would a neighbor in distress.

Strength and compassion. Project them both.

The world wants to soften itself. Be more caring and open. Make itself better. A noble and just goal. We should be better. We can be better. And it will happen. But only if there are hard knuckled fucks with scars and roughly fused bones and fucked up stories to make sure it does. To make sure it stays that path. The base nature of humanity is coarse, violent and unforgiving. It will hate. It will fight. It will claw and steal and rip at itself. Unless someone is there to keep it from doing so. There is a warrior class emergent. They want you to have the calmest and gentlest life you can possibly lead. They want you to be safe in your home and be free of worry of the marauders our species can so quickly become. They live for it. The hunt. The chase. Sleeping sound once in a while because they know without a doubt they've made a difference.

Those are our people. That is our pack.

Keep Feral Company is a labor of love. Built on the idea that making things we like and design that we love to do is something that others would be interested in. Created around an idea that was a bunch of young 21 year olds sent off to war and told to survive. Made for those of us with just a little bit of sharpness left to our teeth.